Mission Statement

    The purpose of the Human Biomechanics of Trauma Institute is
    to educate doctors, biomechanical engineers, accident
    reconstructionists, and attorneys.  
    We Promote Accuracy in the Analysis of
    Human Traumatic Injuries

    Doctors are trained to diagnose and treat human injuries and
    illnesses.  Attorneys are trained in the law and have to explain
    complex medical conditions to other lay people such as
    claim adjusters, jury members, other attorneys, mediators
    and arbitrators.  

The victim of a personal injury in the United States suffers
because the system uses lay people to settle claims.  Claim
adjusters for the insurance companies are not doctors.
Lawyers who are not doctors have to explain the victim's injuries
to a claim adjuster who is likewise uneducated in anatomy,
physiology, chemistry, physics, medicine, chiropractic,
acupuncture or any other healing art.  It is as if someone that
only speaks Swedish is trying to explain to someone that only
speaks Swahili about a medical condition that is largely written
in Latin and Greek.  

HBTI teaches doctors how to gather information about the
patient and write it quickly and easily into a format that may be
able to be understood by these lay people handling claims.  
The truth is that if the insurance companies employed doctors
and nurses as claim adjusters, claims could be handled
fairly, quickly and efficiently.  It would also result in much
higher settlements because these people would actually know
what is wrong with the injured victim and would be more likely
to compensate them much more for their injuries.  Since the car
insurance corporations don't care about fair compensation
(only profit), they employ people without any medical
education so they can pay less for claims and make more
profit.  Since these giant corporations have billions of dollars
to fight legitimate claims, the system is stacked against the
victim who is likely to be out-spent in the legal system when
trying to settle a claim.  

HBTI tries to educate doctors and lawyers to be able to explain
the claimant's medical conditions so that the injured victim may
be able to obtain a fair settlement of their claim.  If doctors will
use plain English to record patient information, lawyers and
claim adjusters may be able to understand the patient records.  
Human Biomechanics of Trauma Institute